ConfigMgr 2007: Client Installation Problem


I was getting the following messages in my ccmsetup.log files when trying to do a client push installation to about 50 servers. The servers were a combination of Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2.

The HTTP 500 error message seen in the second line indicates an “internal server error” within IIS on the ConfigMgr management point. Based on that, I knew that there must have been some sort of misconfiguration on the IIS server.

Failed to correctly receive a WEBDAV HTTP request.    ccmsetup    5/25/2011 2:59:20 PM    772 (0x0304)
Failed to successfully complete HTTP request. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 500)    ccmsetup    5/25/2011 2:59:20 PM    772 (0x0304)
Sending Fallback Status Point message, STATEID=’301′.    ccmsetup    5/25/2011 2:59:20 PM    520 (0x0208)
State message with TopicType 800 and TopicId {AA0069A8-0F82-425E-B717-24E25E599749} has been sent to the FSP    FSPStateMessage    5/25/2011 2:59:20 PM    520 (0x0208)

I checked the IIS logs next (c:inetpublogs), and saw the following lines repeatedly:

2011-05-25 19:59:07 GET /CCM_Client/ – 80 – ccmsetup 200 0 0 0
2011-05-25 19:59:07 PROPFIND /CCM_Client/ClientPatch – 80 – ccmsetup 500 19 64 15

The HTTP GET request for “” was succeeding with HTTP 200, however the PROPFIND (a WebDAV-specific method) request was failing with HTTP 500. That made me pretty confident that the problem was with my WebDAV configuration.


It turns out that I had accidentally configured the authoring rule for WebDAV on the IIS Server level, not the Default Website level. Make sure that you do not have a WebDAV authoring rule configured at the IIS server level – it needs to go on Default Website.