Azure VM Error: “Virtual network ID cannot be null or empty.”

When you’re creating a new Microsoft Azure VM (virtual machine), using the Azure PowerShell module, you might receive an error message similar to the following:

New-AzureVM : BadRequest: The virtual network ID cannot be null or empty.

Azure Error: Virtual Network ID Cannot be Null

If you receive this error message, it’s possible that your Cloud Service that has other virtual machines, that have not been added to a Virtual Network. All of the Virtual Machines inside a Cloud Service must belong to the same Virtual Network. Therefore, if you try to deploy a VM into a Virtual Network, but already have other VMs inside the same Cloud Service that are not members of the Virtual Network, you will receive this error.

Use the Get-AzureVM -ServiceName MyCloudService command to examine your existing virtual machine configurations, and ensure that they are deployed into the same Virtual Network that you are trying to deploy the new Virtual Machine into. The property on the Virtual Machine objects is VirtualNetworkName.