Control Bluetooth on Apple MacBook Pro from the Command Line

If you’re like me, you try to automate everything, even the small stuff. I have a few Bluetooth devices that I occasionally use with my MacBook Pro: Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Apple Magic Keyboard Bose QuietComfort 35 Sennheiser PXC550 Getting Bluetooth devices powered on and connected isn’t always the easiest process, especially if you have … Read moreControl Bluetooth on Apple MacBook Pro from the Command Line

Change VSCode Integrated Terminal to PowerShell

Visual Studio Code :: Integrated Terminal Setting

Visual Studio Code is an excellent developer tool for PowerShell projects. However, regardless of which type of project you’re developing (C#, Node.js, Python, etc.), you can benefit from changing your default shell to the powerful, object-oriented PowerShell shell. Now, you may not want to change your default shell for the entire operating system. VSCode thankfully … Read moreChange VSCode Integrated Terminal to PowerShell

PowerPoint 2016 for Mac :: Selection Pane Added!

Office 2016 for Mac was updated on January 12th, 2016. One of the great, new features that they’ve brought into this update is the Selection Pane in PowerPoint! Moving from Windows to Mac, it was hard for me, at first, to not have this feature to help build my PowerPoint slides. Along the past few … Read morePowerPoint 2016 for Mac :: Selection Pane Added!

New 1E WakeUp iPhone App

1E has recently gotten a new, awesome application approved on the Apple AppStore called 1E WakeUp, or 1E Remote WakeUp! Cool, what does it do? This app enables iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users to remotely wake up their corporate computers, on networks where the 1E Power & Patch Management solution (NightWatchman & WakeUp) has … Read moreNew 1E WakeUp iPhone App

iTunes once again breaks my apps

So after I upgraded to iOS 4, it broke all the links to the music I had tirelessly copied to my 64GB iPod Touch 3G. In other words, I had about 40GB of Data that was left useless on the device, and since I was traveling internationally, I had no way of restoring my music … Read moreiTunes once again breaks my apps