Create AWS DynamoDB Tables with PowerShell

You can use the AWS PowerShell module to create DynamoDB tables. If you need help setting up the AWS PowerShell module, start by watching this video. There’s a helper function called New-DDBSchema, which creates a .NET TableSchema object. Start by assigning the output from this command to a variable; you can name the variable whatever … Read moreCreate AWS DynamoDB Tables with PowerShell

Finding Windows and Amazon Linux AMIs with PowerShell

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides some built-in parameters in the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store service, which expose pointers to the latest version of Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for Windows Server and Amazon Linux. These special parameters are called “public parameters” in the Parameter Store services; for more information, check out the official documentation. In … Read moreFinding Windows and Amazon Linux AMIs with PowerShell

Dell Updates Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK)

Dell has just recently updated the Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK). CCTK is a well-documented command-line tool that allows IT administrators to manage hardware-level settings via script / batch. It uses a Hardware API (HAPI) driver, which can be dynamically installed at runtime, to make changes to the system’s BIOS / UEFI firmware configuration. Download the … Read moreDell Updates Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK)