VBscript: Export ConfigMgr Task Sequence Variables

Here is a simple VBscript that will export Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM / ConfigMgr) task sequence variables to a file on the root of the system drive for troubleshooting. In WinPE (Windows Pre-execution), this is typically the x:\ drive, and in the full OS phase, it’s most commonly the c:\ drive, although that … Read moreVBscript: Export ConfigMgr Task Sequence Variables

Exporting ConfigMgr Task Sequences

This article will briefly discuss how to export a ConfigMgr OSD task sequence. The SMS_TaskSequencePackage class has a lazy property named Sequence which contains the XML for the task sequence. Because this is a lazy property, we must obtain a reference to each WMI instance using its direct path, before we can open the property’s … Read moreExporting ConfigMgr Task Sequences

MDT 2010 Driver Injection Slowness

After upgrading from MDT 2008 to 2010, I recently experienced an issue with MDT / WinPE 3.0 that was simply a driver issue. The initial symptom reported to me was: Driver detection / copying (ZTIDrivers.wsf) is taking a long time in WinPE on a Lenovo T60. The build completed, but hung on the driver injection … Read moreMDT 2010 Driver Injection Slowness