Installing VMware Workstation 9.0 on Windows 8 RTM

I recently ran into an issue where VMware Workstation 9.0.1 refused to install, with the management port configured to the default of port 443. It was complaining that another process was using that port already. I broke out [cci]netstat -aon[/cci] and discovered that wwahost.exe was listening on port 443. It turns out that [cci]wwahost.exe[/cci] is … Read more Installing VMware Workstation 9.0 on Windows 8 RTM

Windows 8: Missing Resource Monitor? Not quite!

You might notice that in Windows 8, there is no shortcut to launch the Resource Monitor utility, which used to be readily available in Windows 7.

It was easy to launch Resource Monitor by simply hitting the Windows key on your keyboard, then typing the first few letters of the application’s name, and hitting enter (or maybe arrow-keying down a couple of entries, if there were ambiguous search results). In Windows 8, that shortcut no longer works by default, but Resource Monitor is not gone either. Some other websites out there have documented the fact that you can launch Performance Monitor navigating to the Performance node. On the Performance page, there is a link to open Resource Monitor; this spawns Resource Monitor into a separate window.

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PowerShell: Tracert or Trace-Route?

UPDATE (2012-07-27): Justin Dearing (@zippy1981) sent me an updated version of the script, which improves on the following:

  • Has some comment-based help
  • Parameter checking

Grab it here: Invoke-TraceRoute.ps1

Any network or systems administrator is familiar with the good old tracert.exe utility that’s been included outof-the-box in Windows for years now. Tracert allows you to identify each “hop” (typically a router) between two IP endpoints on a network. Since this utility was developed long before PowerShell existed, and has been time-tested, it hasn’t been implemented yet as a PowerShell cmdlet. That being said, PowerShell folks often do not enjoy reliance on external dependencies, and prefer the flexibility of an API that can provide only the information that they want or need. To that end, I have developed a Trace-Route PowerShell advanced function (cmdlet) that emulates a limited set of functionality offered by tracert.exe.

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PowerShell: Get the Windows Azure Certificate

Microsoft Windows Azure Logo

If you’re automating Windows Azure using Windows PowerShell, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is that you need a management certificate to connect to the Windows Azure subscription that you’re attempting to view or modify. Management certificates are associated to a Windows Azure subscription inside the Management Portal, under the Hosted Services, Storage Accounts … Read more PowerShell: Get the Windows Azure Certificate

PowerShell 3.0: List of Windows 8 Cmdlets & Modules

Here is a list of modules available in the new Windows Server 8:



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