HP BIOS Update Utility Error

So, I was running HP’s HPQFlash.exe utility on a Dell laptop (Latitude E6400), and I got an error message saying “This system does not contain the necessary WMI support for this version of HPQFlash. Please use a version of HPQFlash prior to version 4.0.

Obviously I don’t expect HPQFlash to work on a Dell system, but I found it odd nonetheless. I wonder what “WMI support” it’s looking for. Dell’s BIOS update packages can optionally use the root\DellOMCI:Dell_Configuration WMI class’ FlashBios WMI method, but I don’t believe that the OMCI is required in order to run a Dell BIOS update from Windows. In fact, I’m relatively sure that it’s not required.

Hmmm, interesting ….