[Lack of] .NET Support in WinPE 3.0

So, I downloaded the Release Candidate of the Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit (AIK) this morning and installed it on one of my spare systems. I was excited to see that a new version of WinPE was available! I hope that they have made improvements to it, much as WinPE 2.0 was a huge improvement over WinPE 2005.

One of the first things I looked for upon installation of the AIK was a WinPE “package” that enabled .NET support in WinPE. For a long time, discussions have been had on .NET support in WinPE, and the only method of making this work that I know of, is to virtualize the framework in a VMware Thinapp package. This technique was first invented by Johan Arwidmark on his blog.


Unfortunately, after reviewing the documentation and installation folder for the Win7 AIK, I cannot find anything stating that there is .NET support in WinPE. We’re all still stuck with the legacy VBscript automation tool, and C++ if I want anything beyond that (and no, I don’t write C++, just C#).

If you feel strongly on this topic, please show your support in the Windows 7 forums on Microsoft Technet. Thanks!