Running ccmsetup synchronously

I recently ran into a situation where my MDT task sequence was failing due to a couple failed application installs. The symptom was a return value of 1 coming from our Office 2007 and Office Communicator 2005 app installs.

I finally checked out the setup log file for Office 2007, and discovered that the MSIexec service was “busy.” I opened up the task sequence log and looked at what was running just prior to the Office 2007 install, and it turned out to be the SCCM client. Knowing that ccmsetup runs asynchronously, I started looking for a method of running it synchronously, so that the task sequence would not proceed before it completed.

As it turns out, the /NoService parameter to ccmsetup causes the SCCM client to install synchronously. This makes the installation of the client much more predictable, and reduces or prevents the conflict of SCCM and other software installations during a task sequence.