iTunes once again breaks my apps

So after I upgraded to iOS 4, it broke all the links to the music I had tirelessly copied to my 64GB iPod Touch 3G. In other words, I had about 40GB of Data that was left useless on the device, and since I was traveling internationally, I had no way of restoring my music to my device for listening on the plane ride home.

So I get home finally, and clean up the iPod by deleting the iTunes_Control folder off of it, using iPhone Browser. Once the massive data blob was cleaned off, I figure out that I can drag-drop MP3 files onto iTunes (without importing it into iTunes), and have it copy the music to my device. This is ideal, since I don’t want to go through the normal “check off all the music you want “sync’d” and run a sync” process that makes me really dislike iTunes. I copied a few albums over using this method, and all was fine.

Well, just this afternoon, I went to launch an app on my iTouch, it starts, and then exits immediately! I knew it! As soon as I let iTunes touch my iPod, it broke all my app authorizations! The last time I had a problem like this, I solved it by authorizing my computer in iTunes, sync’ing the apps to my computer and then deauthorizing the computer again.

Fix your damn rights management, Apple. I own these apps; don’t you dare deny me from using them.

Update: Sync’ing my apps to iTunes didn’t fix the issue. I tried following this video which also didn’t work.