New 1E WakeUp iPhone App

1E has recently gotten a new, awesome application approved on the Apple AppStore called 1E WakeUp, or 1E Remote WakeUp!

Cool, what does it do?

This app enables iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users to remotely wake up their corporate computers, on networks where the 1E Power & Patch Management solution (NightWatchman & WakeUp) has been implemented. Most workstations, when configured properly, can be awoken from most ACPI power states, including S5 (shutdown), S4 (hibernate / suspend to disk), and S2-3 (standby / sleep).

Soooo why do I need it?

Sometimes it’s easier to respond to questions with questions!

Do you have an iPhone and a computer at the office that you sometimes need to access from home? Are you an IT administrator, or helpdesk user, that may need to wake up corporate computers to work on remotely (from home or afar)? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then it’s very possible that the 1E WakeUp iOS app will be of great use to you!

If you’re an end-user of corporate-owned device, 1E WakeUp can help keep you more productive, by remotely waking up your corporate PC, so you can use it whenever you need it available!

If you’re an IT administrator, or in helpdesk support, you can use 1E WakeUp to remotely power on computers, so you can work on them from anywhere around the world! Maybe you could even talk your manager into letting you work from the beach in Hawaii!! πŸ™‚

Sounds awesome! How do I get it?

Open the AppStore on your iOS-powered device, and search for “1E WakeUp” The only result you should get (at the time of this writing), is the 1E WakeUp app.

When was it published?

The “Post Date” on the Apple AppStore shows that the application was published on August 6th, 2010.

How large is the download?

The AppStore shows the size of the 1E WakeUp app is 706 kilobytes (KB).

How old do I have to be to use it?

The AppStore shows that the 1E WakeUp app is safe to use for 4 years and older. Β πŸ™‚

1E WakeUp iOS Guide


This guide assumes that you have:

  • Implemented 1E WakeUp in your corporate network environment OR
  • Implemented 1E WakeUp in a lab environment
  • An iOS-powered device, such as an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • Your iOS device has access to your WakeUp server and can authenticate to AD — usually satisfied by corporate Wifi or VPN access
  • You know the name (or part of the name) of your computer at the office

Installing the App

  1. Visit the AppStore
  2. Go to the Search page
  3. Type “1E WakeUp” in the search box and hit Search

    AppStore Search Screen

    AppStore Search Screen

  4. Select the 1E WakeUp app

    AppStore Search Result

    1E WakeUp AppStore Search Result

  5. Hit the “FREE” / Install button

    Install 1E WakeUp App

    Install 1E WakeUp App

  6. Type your iTunes password

After following these directions, you should have the 1E WakeUp App on your iOS device’s home screen!

App Setup

After you download the 1E WakeUp app, launch it from your home screen. By default, the app will be “connected” to a demo server, which will let you sample the functionality of the app, using a few, fake client machines. A small bit of configuration is required, but you’ll be up and running in no time!

On the app’s main screen, hit the Preferences button.

1E WakeUp App - Main Screen

1E WakeUp App - Main Screen

You’ll see the demo server listed under the Servers heading, but we want to add our own server, so hit “Add Server

1E WakeUp App - Preferences Screen

1E WakeUp App - Preferences Screen

Type the fully qualified DNS name of your 1E Web WakeUp server in the Server field. If you have 1E Web WakeUp installed on a server separate from your 1E WakeUp Server, you’ll need to ensure that you enter the former! In the Account field, enter your domain and username in the format: <domain><username>. If you’re an end user, and are unsure of the domain name,Β check with your administrator or helpdesk. The Password field ought to be self-explanatory, but if not … enter your password here πŸ™‚ If your Web WakeUp web service is configured to use TLS, click the HTTPS button. If you’re unsure of this setting, try HTTP; If it doesn’t work, then try HTTPS.

1E WakeUp App - Server Settings Screen

1E WakeUp App - Server Settings Screen

Now just click the Save button, and you’re all set to start waking up computers!

Waking up Computers

Now that you’ve got the 1E WakeUp App configured to talk to the server, you can start waking up computers! Let’s start out by going back to the main screen of the WakeUp App. If you know your exact computer name, select the Wake Up by Name option; If you only know part of your computer name, or aren’t sure, you can select Wake Up Search, which will let you type any part of the computer name to find it.

1E WakeUp App - Main Screen

1E WakeUp App - Main Screen

Let’s do a search for now, even though we’re using the whole computer name

1E WakeUp App - Computer Search Screen

1E WakeUp App - Computer Search Screen

As you can see from the above search, we get a single client back in our search results

1E WakeUp App - Computer Search Results Screen

1E WakeUp App - Computer Search Results Screen

If we click on the computer, it takes us to the wake-up page, and attempts to wake the computer

1E WakeUp App - WakeUp Machine

1E WakeUp App - WakeUp Machine

Or if the computer is already awake, then it simply tells us that, that is the case

1E WakeUp App - WakeUp Machine (Already awake)

1E WakeUp App - WakeUp Machine (Already awake)

Once we’ve woken the computer, we have the option Register Machine which lets us set our default machine on the app’s main screen. This saves us having to manually type the computer name, or search for it in the database, every time we want to wake it up.

Once you’ve successfully woken your computer, you should be able to access it using your normal remote control routine. Usually, this would involve establishing a VPN session to your corporate network and using Remote Desktop (built into Windows).


This article has discussed the features of the 1E WakeUp app on the Apple AppStore. Remember that, in order to use this application, you’ll need to have the 1E NightWatchman & WakeUp solution implemented in your enterprise IT environment. Check with your IT staff, to see if this functionality is available, and if not, ask them if they can get it! πŸ™‚

Until next time …!


Trevor Sullivan