ConfigMgr Software Updates: Enforcement State Unknown

There was an interesting thread going on over at the MyITforum MSSMS mailing list. Apparently if certain settings are not properly configured, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM / ConfigMgr) clients will show a status of “Enforcement state unknown” for certain software updates. One proposed solution was the following:

I had a similar issue some time ago and worked with MS with the following solution (might be worth checking into):

Basically we had “Suppress display notifications on clients” radio button checked on the Display/Time Settings tab of the specific Deployment Management Properties box and in order to do that we also had to set a deadline (on the Schedule tab of the same Properties box).  Without the deadline, I was getting the “Enforcement State Unknown” status.

We set if for some time in the future, but did not check the “Ignore maintenance windows and install immediately at deadline” checkbox, so the workstations will not install until you maintenance window, assuming that’s what you want.

Someone else suggested the following VBscript to force SCCM clients to update their software updates status:

‘ Initialize the UpdatesStore variable.
dim newCCMUpdatesStore
‘ Create the COM object.
set newCCMUpdatesStore = CreateObject ("Microsoft.CCM.UpdatesStore")
‘ Refresh the server compliance state by running the RefreshServerComplianceState method.

Hope this helps, if you’re having the issue.