PowerShell: Twitter Folks

Hey folks, here are some of the top tweeters on the topic of PowerShell! All of them come with my strong recommendation to follow them! You will be in good company, and will probably learn a LOT, if you keep in touch with these ridiculously smart folks.

Jeffrey Snover – https://twitter.com/jsnover

Don Jones – https://twitter.com/concentrateddon

Jon Walz – https://twitter.com/jonwalz

Hal Rottenbeg – https://twitter.com/halr9000

Doug Finke – https://twitter.com/dfinke

Boe Prox – https://twitter.com/proxb

Adam Driscoll – https://twitter.com/adamdriscoll

Ravikanth Chaganti – https://twitter.com/ravikanth

David Moravec – https://twitter.com/makovec

Rob Campbell – https://twitter.com/mjolinor

Ben Hunter – https://twitter.com/xcud

Ed Wilson – https://twitter.com/ScriptingGuys

Teresa Wilson (Scripting Wife) – https://twitter.com/ScriptingWife

Shay Levy – https://twitter.com/ShayLevy

Marcus Oh – https://twitter.com/errantsunset

Sean Kearny – https://twitter.com/energizedtech

Keith Hill – https://twitter.com/r_keith_hill

Dmitry Sotnikov – https://twitter.com/DSotnikov

Thomas Lee – https://twitter.com/doctordns

Stefan Stranger – https://twitter.com/sstranger

Mark Stang – https://twitter.com/stangm

Jeffrey Hicks – https://twitter.com/jeffhicks

Will Steele – https://twitter.com/pen_test

Justin – https://twitter.com/jrich523

Paul Iddon – https://twitter.com/Paul__Iddon