Windows 8: Missing Resource Monitor? Not quite!

You might notice that in Windows 8, there is no shortcut to launch the Resource Monitor utility, which used to be readily available in Windows 7.

It was easy to launch Resource Monitor by simply hitting the Windows key on your keyboard, then typing the first few letters of the application’s name, and hitting enter (or maybe arrow-keying down a couple of entries, if there were ambiguous search results). In Windows 8, that shortcut no longer works by default, but Resource Monitor is not gone either. Some other websites out there have documented the fact that you can launch Performance Monitor navigating to the Performance node. On the Performance page, there is a link to open Resource Monitor; this spawns Resource Monitor into a separate window.

But, what if we don’t want to go through all that hassle in order to launch Resource Monitor? What if we want it back the old way? You might notice, by launching Task Manager, that when Resource Monitor is running, the process name is perfmon.exe. But what happens if we simply launch perfmon.exe from the Run prompt? All we get is the regular Performance Monitor utility, not the Resource Monitor that we’re after.

If you already closed Resource Monitor, open it back up, and then let’s take another look at Task Manager, only closer. Right-click on the column headings, select the Select Columns option, and then check the box for Command Line. Now examine the Command Line used to launch perfmon.exe, when Resource Monitor is running. It should be: [cci]perfmon.exe /res[/cci] — let’s try that from the Run prompt … voila! We now know how to launch Resource Monitor from a shortcut file, or via the Run prompt!