PowerShell Twitter Update [2013-02-24]

So it’s getting close the end of February, and it’s been several months since I’ve blogged anything new! For today’s post, let’s take a look at what’s going on, on Twitter in the PowerShell universe!


@tphakala says that he’s discovered a project called #ConEmu. #ConEmu is a project hosted on Google Code and offers a PowerShell console replacement for Windows. Some of the features that #ConEmu includes are: tabbed console support, smooth / friendly window resizing, support for Windows 7 jump lists (cool!), and a lot more!

4Sysops by Jeff Hicks

@JeffHicks is working on Part 8 of his 4Sysops series for Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Magazine, which covers changing Windows service account credentials through WMI. This series covers several other topics within WMI that will certainly be of interest to a variety of Windows desktop and server administrators.

Infosec PowerShell Module

@nikhil_mitt is an information security expert, and mentioned on Twitter that he has a security toolkit known as Nishang. This project is hosted on Google Code similar to the #ConEmu project mentioned above. Nikhil was even kind enough to mention that he had used some of my code in this project, which I had no idea about before today (February 24th, 2013)! I’m quite honored to hear that he made good use of some code that I had written a while back. The code we’re talking about here is in the Remove-Update function, which removes Windows software updates from a particular system.

Using Get-Content like Cat

@proxb (Boe Prox) tweeted about an article written by @ScriptingGuys (Ed Wilson) that talks about how to use the Get-Content cmdlet in PowerShell v3 to track changes to text files in realtime. This command is similar to the “cat” command in *nix operating systems.