ConfigMgr: A Couple of Client Tweaks via PowerShell

Disable WINS Lookup via PowerShell & WMI

If you’re running Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, you probably don’t need to be using the WINS lookup for Server Locator Points. Normally, you’d have to de-install the ConfigMgr client, and then re-install it with the SMSDIRECTORYLOOKUP=NOWINS MSI property. If you don’t want to do that, and want to disable the WINS lookup feature on your existing client base, you can use PowerShell to achieve this.

$DirectoryLookup = Get-WmiObject -Namespace rootccmpolicymachineactualconfig -Class CCM_DirectoryLookup_Configuration;
$DirectoryLookup.LookupFlags = 1;


After configuring this setting, you can restart the SMS Agent Host service by running the following command:

Restart-Service -Name ccmexec;

Open up the [cci]LocationServices.log[/cci] client log file, and search for the text: [cci]Policy disallows failing over to WINS.[/cci].

If you see that message showing up in the logs, then you should be all set!

Enabling Verbose Logging via PowerShell & WMI

Another post-installation trick you can do for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager clients is enable verbose logging via the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. Check out this quick PowerShell script to achieve this:

$Logging = Get-WmiObject -Namespace rootccmpolicymachineactualconfig -Class CCM_Logging_GlobalConfiguration;
$Logging.LogLevel = 0;

Important: You may need to restart the ConfigMgr client service (short name: ccmexec, display name: SMS Agent Host) in order for this change to take effect.