Image Re-sizing Utility for Windows

Do you have a lot of large photos that you’d like to resize, to reduce upload times, and make more friendly for the web? Check out this free picture re-sizing extension for Windows! I’ve been using this on Windows 10 Enterprise RTM (Build 1024), and it works great! It’s an open source project that, as of this writing, is hosted on Microsoft’s CodePlex open source website.

Image Resizer for Windows is a utility that lets you resize one or more selected image files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking. I created it so that modern Windows users could regain the joy they left behind with Microsoft’s Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP.

The add-on works by integrating with the Windows Explorer context menu (aka. right-click menu). You can right-click a single photo, or CTRL + select a whole bunch of photos, and resize them all at once! The extension provides several preset sizes that you can select from.

Image Resizer Extension for Windows Explorer