Microsoft MVP Renewal: Third Consecutive Year

This morning, I received the coveted, diamond-like e-mail that most people anticipate with fervor. For the third year in a row, I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for contributions to the community. I very much enjoy, and am passionate, about being involved in various IT communities, locally, nationally, and across the entire world. I’ve been fortunate to make some excellent contacts in the IT industry, who have been integral to supporting my efforts to get the message out about new, innovative ideas, sharing product knowledge, and bringing a significant amount of passion to discussion. I appreciate all of you who I interact with on a regular basis, and thank you for your continued support.

A couple of my most recent contributions to the community include a couple of PowerShell modules:

  • PSGitHub – A PowerShell module that aims to offer ease of integration with the popular GitHub service from PowerShell
  • PSAzureQueue – A PowerShell module that aims to enable the easy interaction with Azure Storage Queue messages from PowerShell

If either of these PowerShell modules have any relevance to you, please check them out, and let me know what your feedback is, by filing a GitHub issue, e-mailing me, or tweeting me.

Microsoft MVP 2016