Azure Functions Error Message

Microsoft Azure recently introduced a new feature called Azure Functions. This service is, in some ways, very similar to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda service. Both services enable software developers to create scalable microservices using a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model. In Microsoft Azure, the Functions feature is actually a component of the Azure App Service model. In order to leverage Azure Functions, you must first create an App Service Plan, followed by an Azure Functions App resource on top of that App Service Plan.

Recently, I was creating a C#-based Azure Function, and ran into an error message in the logs. The error message was simply:

run.csx(1,4): error CS7010: Quoted file name expected


For those of you who are new to Azure Functions, you can add an assembly reference to a C# .NET Azure Function by putting the following at the top of the function definition.

#r "System.Data"

What I had done instead, was specify the System.Data assembly reference without putting the double quotes around it. The key learning point here, is that when you add an assembly reference to your Azure Function, make sure that you put double quotes around your assembly references.