Hyper-V SecureBoot Error

I recently was trying to install Ubuntu Desktop 16 under a Hyper-V VM on Windows 10. Naturally, I downloaded the ISO image for the operating system, mounted it to a new Generation 2 Virtual Machine, and then proceeded to boot the VM. Unfortunately the VM was unable to boot to the setup media, due to the following error:

The image’s hash and certificate are not allowed (DB).


The problem here is that SecureBoot is enabled, by default, in your new Virtual Machine’s configuration. If you open up the Virtual Machine settings, go to the Security section, you should see a checkbox called Enable Secure Boot in the checked state.

  1. Turn off the Virtual Machine
  2. Uncheck the Enable Secure Boot setting
  3. Try to boot the VM again

You should be able to install Ubuntu Desktop successfully on Hyper-V now!