Evernote Privacy Warning :: Disable Data Sharing

Evernote has recently come under fire for their new privacy policy that is intended to enable machine learning, with a goal of improving user experience. For some users, who aren’t storing critically sensitive data, this might not mean too much, but certain users have trade secrets that must be kept completely confidential. You can easily disable the sharing of your Evernote data with their user experience. Simply follow these directions:

  • Visit https://evernote.com
  • Log into your Evernote account
  • Click on your avatar, and choose Settings
  • Click on Personal Settings (first screenshot below)
  • Uncheck the “Allow Evernote to use my data to improve my experience” checkbox
  • Click on the Save Changes button

Evernote - Personal Settings screenshot

After following these directions, you’re done! Assuming that Evernote doesn’t add any extra data privacy options, your sensitive data should be safe from prying eyes.