Free Training (one week) on Sending Windows Notifications with PowerShell

Hey folks, just this week my latest training skill is now released over at CBT Nuggets! If you’re interested in customizing and triggering Windows 10 notification toasts using PowerShell, you’ll be interested in this training skill. Here’s a list of the eight (8) videos that make up this skill:

  • Introduction to Windows Notifications
  • Installing and Exploring the BurntToast Module
  • Creating Your First BurntToast Notification
  • Customizing Notifications with a Title, Image, and Sound
  • Enabling Snoozing and Adding Custom Buttons on Notifications
  • Adding Context Menus to Notifications
  • Building Progress Bars with Windows Notifications
  • Review and Call to Action

You can sign up for a free CBT Nuggets learner’s account here. FYI, a Google account is currently required in order to sign up for free. Once you have an account registered, this link will take you directly to the free skill.

Once you’ve had a chance to learn from these videos, please feel free to share your feedback in a comment on this article, or over on CBT Nuggets. You can also use the voting buttons to vote up/down the videos that make up the skill. Also, please let me know what other content you’d like to see on the CBT Nuggets platform!

Make sure you retweet the tweet embedded below, to raise awareness to your colleagues and friends. I’ve put together a small announcement video to go along with this new CBT Nuggets skill!

Thanks for checking it out!