New Video Training! Facial Recognition with Python

Hello! I’ve just published my latest video training over at CBT Nuggets. The topic of this training is facial recognition with Python. Note that you must be logged into your CBT Nuggets account in order to view this page. I’ve been publishing the code with my CBT Nuggets skills, so head on over to GitHub to clone it and follow along.

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Use Cases for Facial Recognition

By learning about facial recognition, you can apply it common use cases such as:

  • Security monitoring for homes or businesses
  • Detect if someone is in front of the computer or not
  • Categorize photos in an album, based on who’s present in each photo
  • Count people in a video stream to determine crowd density
  • Create personalized kiosk systems that know who is in front of the machine

What You’ll Learn

In this video training, you’ll learn the following topics:

  • Set up your development environment for Python, with Visual Studio Code
  • Install the face-recognition module from the Python Package Index (PyPi)
  • Use the face-recognition module to detect all of the faces in an image
  • Compare two different faces, to determine if a specific person is present in a picture
  • Integrate the face-recognition module with a Python REST API
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Please leave a comment here, or on the CBT Nuggets skill, to let me know what you think of this skill. Also, I would love to know what other topics you’re interested in learning about, so please comment on that as well.

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