Review of Kemimoto Motorcycle Gloves

Recently I was offered the opportunity to review a set of motocross gloves (style ID: F1109-00701) from a company called Kemimoto. The company also offers a variety of ATV / UTV products, ranging from UTV covers to detachable cup holders, and more.

Kemimoto Motocross Gloves (FGV041)

Touch Screen Support

The motorcycles gloves that Kemimoto sent me are a Winter-ready glove that offers support for touch screens. As a motorcyclist, having a glove that works with a touch screen is incredibly useful. Especially in cold and windy weather, taking your gloves off to use your phone risks immediate discomfort. Cold temperatures also limit the mobility of your hand.

While riding, I regularly use my phone as navigation on a bar mount. It’s also useful to be able to easily answer phone calls or monitor for text messages. Hence, the fact that I can use these gloves with my phone means that I’ll be more comfortable, and happier as a result.

Touchscreen fingers on Kemimoto motorcycle gloves


The inside of the gloves are very comfortable. Some gloves I’ve worn in the past are rough on the inside, and can hurt your hands after wearing them for a period of time. These Kemimoto gloves have a soft interior, and there are no rough spots that will dig into your hands during long rides.

Although the soft material is comfortable, it does bring me to question the longevity of the material. Only time will tell how long these last.

On the exterior, there is plenty of flex. My other set of Winter riding gloves are not terribly flexible, but the Kemimoto gloves are. Flexibility is especially important on a motorcycle, since you’ll be gripping the handlebars for extended periods of time. The gloves fold very easily and could easily be folded in half, to fit inside your helmet, taking up less storage space.


One of the other nice things about these gloves is that the palm has a rubber grip. I tested this out on a few different surfaces, and it does an excellent job of preventing unwanted slippage. Depending on what kind of grips your motorcycle has, these can really help avoid having your hand accidentally slip off.

The rubber is pretty thin, and therefore highly flexible. However, this could reduce its longevity. Until I put these through long term testing, I can’t conclusively say how long it’ll last.


The Kemimoto motocross gloves are built for Winter riding. While they do provide some protection, I would recommend going with a leather glove if you anticipate tipping your bike on the road. On the plus side, they do offer a plastic-like knuckle guard. This is probably strong enough to help protect your knuckles on one crash event, but after that would likely need to be replaced. The knuckle guard is strong enough to protect your knuckles without being so rigid as to inhibit movement.


Overall, these are a nice set of gloves. I would rate them 4 out of 5. While they are very comfortable, flexible, and usable with a touch screen, my only outstanding question is how long they will last.