Monitor the Windows Event Logs and Performance Metrics with PowerShell

Hey folks, as many of you already know, I am a full-time trainer with CBT Nuggets. I’ve been publishing lots of new content lately, and wanted to share some information around the latest video skill I published this week!

This week’s topic is focused on monitoring the Microsoft Windows operating system, using PowerShell. There are two core areas of monitoring: event logs and performance counters. In this video skill, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating and writing to Windows event logs
  • Monitor Windows event logs using event-driven PowerShell code
  • Find performance metrics with Performance Monitor and PowerShell
  • Gathering data samples from Windows performance metrics with PowerShell
  • Ingest Windows performance metrics into InfluxDB using its REST API and PowerShell

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InfluxDB Training from CBT Nuggets

Also, the release was a little delayed, but I’m happy to announce that my InfluxDB open source time-series database training is now live. This training focuses on:

  • Fundamentals of the InfluxDB time-series engine
  • Deploy InfluxDB easily using Docker and Linux containers
  • Ingest data using the Telegraf agent
  • Write custom metrics from Python applications
Screenshot of InfluxDB training on

Please leave a comment and let me know what other types of content you’d like to see on CBT Nuggets!

CBT Nuggets Supports 1080p Resolution

This past week, CBT Nuggets launched support for 1080p resolutions on newly created video training! You can now select 1080p from the list of resolutions in the video player. This feature stems from a discussion I had with the founder, Dan Charbonneau, a number of weeks ago.

As a multi-decade PC gamer, and someone with good eyesight and attention to detail, I am keenly aware of display resolution. Although some people don’t necessarily notice, or care, about high-resolution content, it makes the consumption of that content much more enjoyable. After all, we have enjoyed 4k TVs and computer monitors for years, and 8k is already here as well!

There’s a reason that people want higher resolution displays and content. It’s because the human eye is capable of seeing much greater detail than what technology currently limits us to.