Failing software updates in SCCM / WSUS

I recently was troubleshooting an issue with some failing software update installations being deployed via SCCM / WSUS, and finally found out what was affecting them. All of the failed updates were related to Microsoft Office, so that kind of tells you something right there. It turns out, the root cause …

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SCCM – Changing Client Cache Location

Update (2009-10-05 12:30 PM): Thanks to Todd Hemsell, I now know that you have to restart the ccmexec service in order for the change to take effect. I’ve updated the scripts appropriately. — So you’ve got System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 in place, and for whatever reason, you’re looking …

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One reason I don’t use Linux

I’d like to take a moment to relay to you one, of many, reasons that I don’t use Linux, or take it seriously at all. This is partially for others to read, and partially as personal documentation so the next time I decide to try Linux, I can stop myself …

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PowerShell: Clean up AD Computer Accounts

Update (2009-11-03): I have posted a newer version of this script. Please visit this link for information. ————— I recently wrote a script to clean up workstation accounts in our Active Directory domain. It’s not perfect, but it was a good learning experience, as I found out there are some …

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Pause Windows Task Manager

I just accidentally came across an interesting trick that I think is nifty. In Windows 7 (and possibly previous versions of Windows), you can press and hold the Control key down, and pause task manager from refreshing.

SCCM Inventory – Group Policy Preferences

Update (2009-10-14): I’ve included a WQL query to use in creating a collection to identify systems without the GPP CSE installed. If you want to discover which systems have the group policy preferences client-side extensions

Running ccmsetup synchronously

I recently ran into a situation where my MDT task sequence was failing due to a couple failed application installs. The symptom was a return value of 1 coming from our Office 2007 and Office Communicator 2005 app installs. I finally checked out the setup log file for Office 2007, …

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HTA in SCCM Task Sequence

Summary There has been lots of discussion about using Microsoft HTA (HTML Applications) files to prompt for user input, pop up notifications, and so on, in a ConfigMgr OSD Task Sequence. Although, by default, the task sequence engine prevents interactive programs from being seen, you can work around this functionality …

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Upgrading Windows 7 Ultimate RC to Enterprise

I’m currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Build 7100 (the Release Candidate) on my work laptop, which happens to be a very nice Dell Latitude E6400; I looooove the backlit keyboard on this thing! Anyway, it’s been running fabulously for the past several months, but it’s time to upgrade to …

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ATI HDMI Audio / Onkyo TX-SR606

Hey guys! I finally fired up my gaming computer, after leaving it unattended for over the better half of a year. I was itching to play some Fallout 3 again, and I just got a new wireless keyboard/mouse set from Logitech, and wanted to try it out! Unfortunately, the last …

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