Use AWS Fargate to Build a Serverless Video Processor

AWS Fargate Serverless Video Processor

Hey folks, this is going to be a short post, to simply point to some video training that I’ve recently published. As a software instructor for CBT Nuggets, I produced a series of videos that describes how I am building a serverless solution to perform video processing tasks. In addition …

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Build Docker Container for PowerShell on Raspberry Pi

If you want to run PowerShell applications on your Raspberry Pi, you can run them inside a Docker container. Keep in mind that you can’t use Docker images that were built for the Intel x86 platform, because the Raspberry Pi uses an ARM processor. You can build your own Docker …

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Run PowerShell Natively on Linux and Docker!

Microsoft just made a huge splash today, by announcing that PowerShell is now available on Linux! I created a launch video that demonstrates how to get PowerShell Core running inside a Docker container! You can see the video over on Microsoft’s MSDN Channel 9. Check if PowerShell is Running …

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