Open Terminal Sessions on EC2 Instances in your Web Browser

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just recently announced support for running terminal sessions on your Amazon EC2 instances directly inside of your web browser. This feature works with both Bash on Linux and PowerShell sessions on EC2 instances running Windows Server. AWS Systems Manager is the service that introduced this new …

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Change Allocation Method for Azure Network Interface

Update Azure Network Interfaces with PowerShell

Have you already provisioned a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine, with a dynamic private IP address? Do you want to change that dynamically provisioned IP address to a static IP address? If so, you’re in luck! This process is relatively easy using the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module. Install PowerShell 5.0 First, …

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PowerShell: Validating Azure Traffic Manager Endpoints

As some of you may already be aware, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides a service called Traffic Manager. Traffic Manager is a DNS-based load balancing service, and helps to ensure application high availability, by offering three profiles types (also known as “load balancing methods”): Performance – points DNS clients …

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